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Short breaks to Valencia: How to enjoy a green weekend in Valencia's Huerta Norte

Updated: 2 days ago

A sweeping expanse of aThe Huerta Norte, located in Valencia, offers visitors a serene atmosphere with its expansive farmland, quaint villages and breezy coastlines.gricultural land, charming villages and windswept beaches, the Huerta Norte is one of the most peaceful places to visit in Valencia.

A sweeping tapestry of emerald tiger nut fields, vibrant veg patches and terracotta land, the Huerta allotments encircle the buzzing city of Valencia.

Beginning just a 20-minute cycle from the city centre, this green ring offers a captivating escape and an endless supply of fresh vegetables for the city’s thriving gastronomy scene.

Connected to the city’s exterior neighbourhoods by smooth cycling paths and well-sign-posted walking trails, the tranquil Huerta has become an emblematic part of Valencian heritage. Fresh, natural and open, it’s the perfect contrast to the vibrant atmosphere of the city-centre streets.

From the most peaceful rural retreats to the finest cuisine, these fertile lands offer, here’s how to spend a perfect weekend in Valencia’s verdant Huerta Norte - just to the north of the city set just back from the city’s golden sands.

Where to stay in Valencia’s Huerta Norte

The image is related to the subheadline "Where to stay in Valencia's Huerta Norte" in our article "Short Breaks to Valencia: How to Enjoy a Green Weekend in Valencia's Huerta Norte," where we recommended Hotel La Mozaira.

You don’t need to stay in the city to enjoy the beauty of Valencia. Hotel La Mozaira is an idyllic four-star sanctuary offering a slice of al fresco, just a 20-minute drive from the centre. From the vaulted wine cellars to the fire-lit lounge, the cypress-shaded pool to the panoramic views of the reading room, La Mozaira blends rustic romance with modern elegance to a seductive effect.

Whether dining on fresh produce in the bougainvillea-scented courtyard or savouring local wines in the elegantly furnished courtyard, the ultimate tranquillity and relaxation await at this boutique hotel in Valencia. Discover La Mozaira

Where to eat in Valencia’s greenest zone

Surrounded by lush terrain and embraced by the glistening Mediterranean Sea, Huerta Norte’s local food scene rivals that of the best city-centre establishments, and you can reach many of them by bike or on foot from La Mozaira.

The Huerta Norte in Valencia is a serene destination that boasts vast stretches of farmland, picturesque towns, and breezy shorelines.

A romantic feast at Napicol

A family-run eatery offering sun-blushed Mediterranean cuisine in its modern interior and out on the garden terrace, Napicol welcomes you to indulge in divine paellas and full-bodied wines in the village of Roca.

A 15-minute stroll from the glimmering waters of Meliana Beach, this rural restaurant is one of only two restaurants in Valencia to have been awarded the prestigious Bib Gourmand and the favour of Valencia’s star chef, Quique Dacosta.

Call ahead to book a table and experience the best of Chemo Rausell’s Valencian cuisine.

The Huerta Norte in Valencia offers a tranquil atmosphere for tourists with its vast agricultural land, delightful towns, and breezy coastlines.

A family business at Ca Pepico

Another firm Roca favourite since the 70s, Ca Pepico awaits an extensive wine list and fresh local cuisine just around the corner from Napicol. Converted from a long-standing village bar to an elegant restaurant in 2000, the local community pride Ca Pepico on its traditional cuisine, tapas, and authentically warm service.

With a wine cellar featuring over 500 local and international wines, connoisseurs will surely be delighted. The nearby train station Roca-Cúper, a 20-minute train journey from Valencia’s central station, makes your stumble home a pleasure.

As is typical Valencian tradition, you must call ahead to book!

As you step under the eaves of the traditional triangle-shaped barraca house, you begin a journey of discovery through the natural environment, rich cultural traditions, and warm Valencian welcomes.

Step into tradition at La Barraca de Toni Montoliu

A meal at La Barraca de Toni Montoliu takes you further than simply enjoying a paella, this Meliana restaurant offers full immersion into the world of yesteryear. As you step under the eaves of the traditional triangle-shaped barraca house, you begin a journey of discovery through the natural environment, rich cultural traditions, and warm Valencian welcomes.

La Barraca is one of the best places to eat in Valencia if you want to experience a truly traditional paella. The traditional rabbit and chicken-rich rice dish is cooked on a fragrant orange wood fire, infusing it with a smoky flavour and reflecting the long-held traditions for cooking over an open fire. Again, it's best to call ahead to secure your table.

With  a rich paella worthy of any family day out, Alqueria l’Horta is perhaps best known for its warm and welcoming atmosphere and attentive staff.

Valencian warmth at Alqueria de l’Horta

The closest on this list to the city of Valencia, Alqueria de l’Horta stands beside the ever-popular bar Sequer lo Blanch in the verdant zone of Alboraya - a neighbouring village to the city. Offering peace and tranquillity less than an hour’s walk from the city centre.

With an artichoke and traditional jamón tapa to die for and a rich paella worthy of any family day out, Alqueria l’Horta is perhaps best known for its warm, welcoming atmosphere and attentive staff.

Wondering where to eat in Valencia during a short city stay? Here you can savour it all in the sun-kissed gardens, just remember to save space for a homemade dessert.

What to do

You’ll admire  the colourful elegance of Port Saplaya,

Voted one of the best cycling cities in Spain year after year, the flat expanses that unfurl from this Mediterranean city help travellers and locals alike catch a breath of fresh air.

It’s possible to ride from the winding Turia Gardens all the way to Sagunto, 18 miles away, without leaving the cycle path once, but our favourite section has to be that which snakes its way through the Huerta Norte from the outskirts of Alboraya.

Racing through the agricultural land that passes the quaint villages of Meliana - where the Palauet de Nolla palace is worth a stop-off for its excellent traditional tiles - Foios and Museros, Valencia makes it easy to follow the call of adventure. Or, following the coastal route past the sparkling sands of Patacona, you’ll admire one of the best beaches in the Valencia region and the colourful elegance of Port Saplaya,

And if long hikes are more up your street, a captivating network of walking routes criss-cross the verdant terrain, including the Barranc Del Carraixet and the winding Pasarela de la Vía Verde.

As you pass the lush fields and ancient waterways, watch for the typical Valencian tiger nuts or chufa, the key ingredient of the rich horchata drink. Looking for one of the best things to do in Valencia? On a hot day, try this chilled, milky drink - often served alongside long pastries called fartons for dipping - at one of the many horchaterías you pass on your journey. We particularly like Orxateria Vida, a charming farmhouse café on the outskirts of Alboraya.

In the traditional village of Almassera, minutes away, the Museum of the Huerta offers a fascinating insight into the region's history of agriculture and cultivation.

Looking to make this creamy elixir home? You can pick up fresh tiger nuts at many buzzing markets dotted around the city, or you may see farms advertising their crops as you enjoy your walk. For the full story of this delicious drink and its traditional origins, check out the Museum of Horchata, moments from Hotel La Mozaira.

Finding Peace in Green Valencia

If you’re looking for a place to find peace and relaxation on short breaks in Valencia, the Huerta Norte promises a verdant retreat.

Encircling the sun-soaked city and flanking the turquoise coast, Valencia’s verdant Huerta region makes it possible to enjoy a beach, city, and countryside escape in one. It’s home to many of the best things to see in Valencia Community, from blue-tiled churches to flowing rivers teeming with birdlife.

If you are looking for a place to find peace and relaxation on short breaks in Valencia, the Huerta Norte promises a verdant retreat.

Or, if you'd like to be in the vibrant city and experience some greenery, please read our Turia guide to things to do in Valencia which features the gorgeous Turia Gardens - a truly green and fragrant escape.

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