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Territory meets tradition in Ricard Camarena’s Valencia Michelin star kitchen

Updated: Jun 17, 2023

Ricard Camarena Restaurant is one of the few Valencia Michelin restaurants to hold two Michelin stars, an honour it shares with Quique Dacosta's El Poblet.

This unique eatery is located in a refurbished art deco industrial complex that went from producing hydraulic pumps to hosting modern art in 2014. Sleek interiors and neutral wood colours provide a tranquil ambience, while tall windows flood the tables with natural light. A touch of modernism and an art deco flair make it the ideal location for a romantic dinner or celebration.

The menu

Ricard Camarena offers a range of tasting experiences that centre around fresh market produce prepared in innovative ways. From Padron peppers to bomba rice and shallots to sea bass, the menus are a masterpiece of exceptional pairings and subtle flavours.

Impeccable presentation

Be prepared for vivid colors and captivating presentations of dishes at home in the exhibition next door. Savour tender almonds floating beside green strawberries, wild mushrooms seated on a risotto cushion, briny oysters married to the creamy avocado and succulent artichoke hearts sprinkled with violet flowers. Bright orange courgette flowers steal the stage in a menu where creativity has no bounds.

A trumpeter who became a Michelin star chef.

Richard Camarena won his first Michelin star in 2007 for his restaurant Arrop, in Valencia's Hotel Marqués de Caro. His repertoire now includes five diverse proposals, including the popular gastro-style Central Bar, allowing the musician-turned-chef to reach a wider audience and bring his green movement forward.

A green Michelin-awarded sustainable approach.

Camarena's approach focuses on tradition and sustainability. He sources fresh produce from the nearby farmland and waterways and uses them to create elegant yet simple cuisine. His group works directly with the growers, sharing vital decisions and establishing a solid relationship between plant and plate.

In 2021, this commitment earned him a Green Michelin star, an honour reserved for those taking daily steps towards sustainability. Camarena shares these honours with his team, saying, cooking, like music, is often a team effort.' He knows strength lies in unity and that while the spotlight may be on him, everyone plays an essential role.

A personal dining experience.

One unusual touch at the Ricardo Camarena Restaurant brings his Michelin star meaning, with a move usual for even the most highly acclaimed Michelin star chefs. From the moment you reserve, Camarena's team works behind the scenes, using everything from online research to your first conversation with the maître d' to customise your menu. Camarena'll even serve you your first bites as he pinpoints what makes you tick.

If you're researching Michelin-star restaurants in Valencia before your next trip, we recommend staying at Marques de Caro. Ricard Camarena earnt his first Michelin star there in 2007. You can check out that hotel and more in our guide to Valencia's historic hotels.


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