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Bodega Anyora: Discover local cuisine with a creative twist

Experience the culinary delights of Bodega Anyora, a top-notch dining destination in Valencia. Delight your taste buds with creative Spanish cuisine infused with unique flavors and don't miss out on their exquisite organic vermouth.

Housed in a former fisherman's cottage in the marine neighbourhood of Cabanyal, Bodega Anyora dishes up small plates inspired by its local history and seaside surroundings. Paying homage to traditional dishes, the heart of Valencia is woven into every plate, making this hidden gem one of the best places to eat in Valencia.

Chef A trendsetter’s paradise

Experience the culinary delights of Bodega Anyora, an exceptional dining destination in Valencia. Delight in the fusion of traditional Spanish cuisine with innovative flavors and treat yourself to their exquisite organic vermouth.

You'll find this quaint little restaurant set back from the bustling port area on the corner of a picturesque street in Cabanyal. Once a struggling coastal district, the neighbourhood is now alive with a new appreciation for its rows of colourful fishing huts, tiled facades, and almost maze-like street passageways.

Sun-splashed terraces and cosy cafes fill the area with an authentic, friendly atmosphere, welcoming tourists and locals alike any day of the week.

Tradition with a creative twist

Explore Bodega Anyora, a top-notch dining spot in Valencia where you can savor Spanish cuisine with a unique touch while also getting a taste of their organic vermouth.

Dining at Bodega Anyora offers a high-quality culinary experience set within a charming location - all rustic elegance and cosy ambience. The bar area is adorned with dried botanicals cascading from above, surrounded by rich natural wood seating areas decorated with handmade tablecloths, reflecting tradition and local craftsmanship. With just a handful of tables, it is the perfect for a petit comite in an intimate setting.

The menu includes simple Spanish and Valencian classics with some creative tweaks served to perfection using fresh and locally sourced products. With a ‘nose-to-tail’ approach to serving meat and fish, discover some more unusual cuts with bold Mediterranean flavours cooked to perfection. Think grilled pig's ear served on a bed of smoked potatoes and an interesting red tuna ‘collar’, a cut close to the gills served with apple and trout roe salad.

You'll find a selection of traditional classics with inventive twists, such as crispy octopus with piquant romesco sauce, a spicy mackerel topped Russian salad, traditional tortilla (omelette) combined with cod, and tempura style bimi with toasted hazelnut aioli.

Attention to detail is evident from each plate, with every dish thoughtfully constructed to showcase the essence of each distinct flavour.

Warm and attentive service

The Bodega Anyora team has unwavering dedication to its visitors. Their warm demeanour and extensive knowledge of the Mediterranean cuisine they serve is commendable.

Every interaction exudes exceptional and friendly service that will leave you feeling quite at home in this cosy bodega. So, you can settle into a comfortable seat, engage with the friendly staff, and trust their expert recommendations.

Our recommendations

Explore Bodega Anyora, a top-notch dining spot in Valencia where you can savor Spanish cuisine with a unique touch while also getting a taste of their organic vermouth.

While everything on the menu at Bodega Anyora is recommendable, we’ve gathered a selection of highlights to help you get started on your Valencian tasting journey. Try the chuletón de tomate rosa, sweet but tangy tomato slices paired with mango and avocado offer a new take on a staple Valencian dish. This vibrant creation showcases the restaurant's commitment to innovative combinations while respecting the region's rich culinary heritage, seeing as the tomato is the hallmark ingredient of Valencian cuisine.

They say you can't leave Valencia without trying a 'Cremaet' - the potent elixir of coffee with rum, softened with sugar, a cinnamon stick and a lemon (or orange) peel. Bodega Anyora takes this digestivo one step further with a full-blown dessert of coffee ice cream with rum and cinnamon foam. This sophisticated take on the Valencian classic beverage is one we highly recommend.

Also, no trip to Spain would be truly complete without sampling at least one vermut casero (homemade vermouth), and Anyora’s hand-crafted tipple is an ideal option. This fortified wine is created with a carefully selected blend of botanicals, herbs, spices, roots, and fruits for a combination of sweet, bitter, and herbal flavours.

You can also sample a wide selection of wine from around the world, from typical Spanish denomination wine to varieties from France, Germany, or Italy.

Best place to discover the Valencian spirit

Explore Bodega Anyora, a top-notch dining spot in Valencia where you can savor Spanish cuisine with a unique touch while also getting a taste of their organic vermouth.

A trip to Bodega Anyora is well worth it if you are looking for one of the best places to eat in Valencia for a taste of local cuisine cooked to perfection. Loved by locals and visitors to Valencia, the quaint space at Anyora fills up quickly, so don’t forget to book ahead to avoid missing out on a table.

If you are planning to stay in Valencia and are looking for a relaxing getaway in the heart of Cabanyal, try the contemporary Barracart Apartments, just a few minutes from Anyora.


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