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The art of sushi, by Yoshikazu Yanome

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

The third chapter of our journey to discover the most treasured Michelin star chefs and restaurants in Valencia brings us to Kaido Sushi, a sophisticated sushi bar in the Mestalla neighbourhood that has been making waves since its opening in October 2020.

Chef Yoshikazu Yanome takes the helm at this exquisite eatery that won its first Michelin star just one year after opening its dark doors for the first time. Behind an unassuming exterior, a small restaurant swathed in black is gently lit from above by decorative veneer panels that disperse the light to a mysterious effect. Despite its dimly lit interiors, the restaurant has an undeniable warmth and a welcoming atmosphere.

Chef Yoshikazu Yanome:

Meet the chef

This charming restaurant only seats 10 guests at each service. These guests gather around the sushi bar, leaning forward in their seats to carefully watch the talented hands of sushi master Yoshikazu Yanome

at work.

Trained in Japan's ancient art of sushi making, Yanome first brought his finesse to Malaga restaurant Zenart and was soon crowned the best sushi chef in Spain.

Listen carefully as this culinary genius explains the origins of each dish, the techniques used, and the background of each of the materials that compose the grand masterpieces. Kaido Sushi emphasises the acquisition of local ingredients, the bounties of the calm Mediterranean waters and the local farms scattered throughout Valencia’s Huerta playing perfectly into their hands and bringing their Michelin Star a meaning with a purpose.

The menu at Kaido

Sushi Valencia

In their quest to find Ichigo-Ichie, which translates as a treasure in every encounter, the team at Kaido Sushi combine one of the most ancient gastronomies in the world with the gifts of the Mediterranean and blends this with incredible attention to detail, technical finesse, and a deep love for the art of sushi.

As we’ve seen in other famed Michelin star restaurants in Valencia, Kaido Sushi offers a set menu, leaving your religious experience fully in the hands of the experts. Watch each dish's mystical preparations, and slip into a state of culinary ecstasy as Yanome takes you on a gastronomic journey through the history and geography of Japan.

From salmon sashimi and fresh edamame to miso soups and delicate sushi rolls bursting with complex flavours, each bite at Kaido Sushi is served with a sublime presentation and an explanation of their composition. With velvet crab and white prawns served in a delicious foam, briny scallop shells cradling delicious seafood concoctions and creamy dessert served in spindly three-legged cauldrons, every dish is as much a treat for the eye as it is for the palate.

Our Favourite dish

Nigiri, meaning ‘two fingers’, take centre stage in Chef Yoshikazu Yanome’s culinary theatre. One of Japan’s favourite delicacies, Nigiri, is small ovals of vinegared rice topped with a piece of raw fish.

The perfect salmon Nigiri paired with a glass of traditional Japanese sake is often said to be one of the most exquisite combinations you’ll find on your travels in Japan. Yanome’s creations seem to prove this theory. Lemon fish, tender squid and mackerel explode with flavour, while the tuna belly and crayfish will have you sighing with complete contentment.

The neighbourhood of Mestalla

Located on the north side of the Turia Gardens and easily accessible from both the city centre and the beach, Mestalla is a calm (apart from on match day) neighbourhood full of authentic Spanish bars and a family-orientated way of life.

Walk across the vibrant Puente de las Flores, or pop into the Museum of Military History before your reservation.

- Neighbourhood of Mestalla

Make the most of your time in Valencia.

Choosing the right accommodation is paramount to enjoying your time checking out the best restaurants in Valencia and visiting the remarkable art galleries.

Whether you want to soak up the historic charm of El Carmen, take in the hustle and bustle of multicultural Ruzafa or enjoy early morning walks along the elegant seafront promenade, Valencia offers a wealth of options for every taste.

Knowing Valencia’s reputation for its Mediterranean coast and natural beauty, we’ve scouted out the best seafront hotels for your next visit to our favourite city in the world;


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