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Savour seafront views at Mikkonos Beach Club

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

A hidden gem known only to Valencia locals and the most well-read travellers, Mikkonos Beach Club offers a unique experience just seven miles from the vibrant city centre.

A casual eatery on unspoilt sands, this stylish restaurant offers authentic coastal charm, some of the best food in Valencia, and a chance to truly disconnect from busy city life.

On the shores of El Saler beach

At El Saler, pristine sands glimmer in the Mediterranean sun, while romantic dunes offer secluded spots and quiet isolation far from the buzzing city.

A beautiful restaurant hidden on these golden sands, you can reach Mikkonos Beach Club by car or by bike along a cycle route that wends its way through the Turia Gardens, past Valencia port and along the coast towards the Albufera Nature Reserve and charming El Saler.

A Mediterranean medley

The top chefs make everything to order at this family-style restaurant, creating the most mouthwatering dishes from the fresh bounties of the nearby Mediterranean and Albufera farms. From steaming paellas to tender cuts of meat, it’s a true taste of Spain.

Plunge into a world of authentic flavour with platters piled high with sizzling fish dishes and piles of perfect croquettes filled with traditional Spanish Jamon Iberico, tender chicken or sumptuous baby squid.

A bite into the crispy hake and prawn cannelloni, served with sweet red pepper salsa, is an experience you’ll be trying to replicate in your kitchen for years to come.

A family atmosphere

An authentic Valencian atmosphere prevails in this coastal restaurant, where you’ll be treated like family from the moment you arrive.

Friendly waiters guide you to your table while the owners discuss the magic of El Saler and the history of the traditional dishes on the menu.

Our favourite dish

Who could visit a seafood restaurant in Valencia without trying the famous paella? At this El Saler restaurant, the traditional Valencian paella is the star of the show.

If the authentic rabbit paella isn’t up your street, choose from a selection of vegetarian and seafood options, including the ever-popular octopus variety and the mysterious squid ink-infused black rice.

If you want to learn more about the legendary Valencian paella, check out this article where we talk history, recipes, traditions and innovation.

It’s an unmissable meal during your stay in Valencia, so make sure to book early!

A perfect day at the beach

Mikkonos Beach Club is one of the top restaurants in Valencia for families and is a great place to try the famous paella before spending a day in the sun.

While eating, you can enjoy captivating sea views and feel the salty breeze on your skin. After lunch, slip straight into your swimsuit to bask in the warm waters, soak up the sun, or set off on foot to explore the Albufera wetlands.

Find a room with a view.

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