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Kabanyal, authentic Valencian cuisine in a stylish atmosphere

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

Among Valencia's charming and famous restaurants, Kabanyal is a real taste of Valencia cuisine just moments from the historic port. Here, Bordeaux exteriors and traditional awnings welcome you into a bar adorned with modern mosaics in an atmosphere that recalls the days of our forefathers.

Where tourists and locals mingle

Fringed by silky city sands, vertiginous palm trees, and charmingly traditional mosaicked streets, tourists and locals head to the neighbourhood of El Cabanyal Valencia every weekend in search of refreshments, cuisine, and shade from the Mediterranean sun. Home to authentically charming restaurants with tables overflowing onto sun-splashed terraces and cosy cafés where you can relax with a coffee and cake, it’s a picturesque neighbourhood that has grown considerably since the days of its fishing village past.

Mediterranean style with a friendly atmosphere

From the turquoise-tiled bar to racks of wine and vermouth celebrating local wine regions and traditions, Kabanyal welcomes you with warm colours and an understated, modern design. The charming waiters, the laid-back atmosphere on the terrace, and the beautifully designed interiors encourage diners to slow down and savour their good tapas while enjoying a relaxed conversation.

In the end, what is Valencia famous for? Its clear skies, beautiful architecture, Mediterranean cuisine and relaxed atmosphere.

Our recommendations

You can’t leave this vibrant city without trying a famous Coca Valenciana, and we recommend you look no further than Kabanyal to do so. Whether the pastry comes smothered in goats cheese and courgette, pinenuts and peppers or one of the most typical Spanish things, morcilla (black pudding), it’s an unfettered delight that’ll be revisiting in your dreams for weeks to come.

Another unmissable dish is Valencia’s famous Arroz al Horno. While you can find this delicious plate all over the city, the chefs at Kabanyal compete for first place with exquisite rice dishes traditionally prepared with the best ingredients. Whether you’re looking for a vegetarian special or a seafood delight, your server will help you find the perfect match.

A drop of the sweet house wine or local Vittore vermouth originally produced less than 100 metres from where Kabanyal bar stands today is the perfect touch to finish a long lunch or delectable dinner. Ask the bartender for their recommendation, or go with your gut and choose one of the colourful bottles adorning the bar walls.

You can check the full menu at Kabanyal here.

Experience Valencia’s unique heritage

While enjoying the tantalising offerings of the best seafood and tapas restaurants in Valencia, take a moment to appreciate the millennia-long maritime history of Cabanyal architecture.

We personally try the best restaurants in Valencia, Spain, so you have all the information you need to ensure a mouthwatering break in this sun-soaked Mediterranean gem. And for a luxury sea view place to stay close to Kabanyal, try the glamorous Hotel Balneario Las Arenas, just a few minutes away.


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