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Family-friendly charm in a peaceful retreat by the sea at Hotel Noguera Mar

Seeking excellent beachfront accommodations in Denia, Spain? The Hotel Noguera Mar presents an appealingly uncomplicated ambience and breathtaking vistas of the shoreline.

Steps from the sands of Molins Beach, just north of Denia, three-star Hotel Noguera Mar offers simple charm by the sea.

It is one of the hotels in Denia, Spain, with a unique sense of tradition. It started life as a family business in the 1950s. The warm welcome, attentive service and charming family feel have remained key features over the years. The hotel promises a home by the sea.

Beachfront charm

On the hunt for appealing beachfront accommodations in Denia, Spain? The Hotel Noguera Mar offers an alluringly unadorned aesthetic and breathtaking vistas of the shoreline.

You can hear the waves crashing into the surf from the Hotel Noguera Mar. From almost any view from the hotel, you can see golden dunes and the warm blue sea. There is a selection of restaurants and bars within walking distance, and the nearby road, Carretera les Marines a Denia, takes you to the centre of lovely Denia in 10 minutes by car.

Airy, natural lightness

Are you searching for exceptional hotels located near the beach in Denia, Spain? Hotel Noguera Mar offers charming minimalism and breathtaking vistas of the shore.

With its beachside location, the Hotel Noguera Mar has plenty of natural light coming in through its wide windows. The hotel has a classic villa-style exterior, which is typical of the Mediterranean coast, with white walls and splashes of turquoise. The terraces are open and inviting, with pastel blue window shutters and balcony balustrades. The hotel provides an unobtrusive addition to the coastline; its soft colours reflect the sun by day and low-level amber lighting offers dusky hues at night.

Cosy facilities

Above all, the Hotel Noguera Mar intends for its guests to enjoy a relaxing and tranquil stay away from the hustle and bustle. This is reflected in the hotel’s selection of facilities, from the offer of chairs and beach towels for sunbathers to a quiet reading room for those who want to spend a little while in seclusion. If you want to add a little more adventure to your trip, you can request windsurfing and tennis lessons. If you want the extra peace of mind that a pet provides, then the hotel also offers you the choice to have your beloved companion stay in your room. There is no swimming pool at the Hotel Noguera Mar - but with the beach in incredible proximity to the hotel, you can make the sea your pool.

Home comforts

Seeking excellent beachfront accommodations in Denia, Spain? The Hotel Noguera Mar presents an appealingly uncomplicated ambience and breathtaking vistas of the shoreline.

The spectacular sea view doesn’t go to waste. No matter which room you opt for, whether it’s a spacious double room or a charming single, you will have the benefit of a balcony. You can gaze out over the rippling waters, enjoying sunsets that scorch the sky a brilliant orange. If you’re here to catch the fresh air on your cycling holiday down the coast, the Noguera Mar offers bike-friendly double rooms and free access to the cycling centre with a repair shop and tools. For your stay, you can choose from a single-room bolt-hole at 13mts to an expansive double room with a terrace at 20 mts. Either way, your home away from home will be the place to really unwind.

Seafront dining

Set on a terrace overlooking the sea, the Noguera Restaurant takes full advantage of its location, serving up a variety of tantalising seafood tapas, prawns sourced from Denia and delicious grilled fish. The restaurant isn’t included in the hotel’s rates, but guests benefit from several special offers. At noon, you can taste these Mediterranean and Valencian specialities at a discounted price if you’re staying at the hotel, and in the evening, the restaurant has an exclusive menu for guests only. Whether you seek succulent marine fare, irresistible salads, varied tapas, or the finest rice dishes, you can enjoy your meal as the sun sets. Meanwhile, the ‘A vora mar’ lounge bar offers light bites and a relaxing spot for a sundowner on a delightful terrace overlooking the beach.

The Noguera Mar experience

Need exceptional hotels by the beach in Denia, Spain? The Hotel Noguera Mar provides an appealing simplicity and magnificent vistas of the shoreline.

One of the most authentically charming hotels in Denia, Spain that you could find, the Noguera Mar has the lure of a privileged spot by the sea while offering a cosy and welcoming experience. Sometimes there’s nothing more you want from a holiday than to unwind a good book, enjoy delicious local cuisine, watch the sunset in a pallet of dazzling colour or enjoy a cocktail by the beach as you hear the sea lap at the shore. This hotel accommodates your peaceful getaway with calm and tranquillity.

What other guests say

With an average rating of 8.8/10 on, this is just the place for those seeking a beach holiday near Valencia. Guests, in particular, have praised the attentive staff, the comfortable facilities, the consistent cleanliness and, above all, the beautiful location.

The details

Room size

13mts to 20mts

Facilities for disabled guests?



No, but it's just a few steps from the sea.









Public transport

Train; La Xara, 4.7 km and Hospital Denia, 6 km Bus; Denia Bus Station, 6 km

Private Parking?


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