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Albacora: The Valencian eatery with sweeping marina views

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

With glass walls that showcase sweeping marina views, fresh fish dishes and delicious meloso rice dishes, this recently opened restaurant combines a great location with fresh ingredients from the huerta and sea. A favourite spot with Valencianos, it promises excellent service, an authentic ambience and beautiful setting. Come for the paella, stay for the sun-soaked vistas. With sell-out bookings every weekend, it is fast becoming considered one of the best places to eat in Valencia.

A marina marvel

Once a working port, Valencia’s marina was revamped when the city hosted the America’s Cup in 2007. Most people are drawn to the north side of the marina closest to the city, dominated by the grand old tinglados – Modernista warehouses built for import/export storage in 1911. But if you stroll to the marina’s far side – known as Marina Sur – you’ll find three restaurants dotting the shores, offering views back towards the city and mountains.

At the furthest point, you’ll find Albacora, looking across the water to the moored yachts and the elegant pergola that hosts Saturday live music performances. Expect to walk for about 30 minutes from the north side of the marina to reach the restaurant, or you can always hop in a taxi.

Gleaming glass and glittering views

A minimalist design makes the most of the amazing views you’ll enjoy at this restaurant. Set right over the water with glass walls, it can feel like you’re on a boat. Request a waterside table, and you can watch yachts gliding by and wobbly windsurfers learning on the calm waters. In summer, the French doors slide open to make the most of the rippling breeze, while on cooler days, you’ll enjoy the sunshine while remaining warm behind the glass. Elsewhere in the restaurant, deep greens reflect the colour of the water in the marina, complemented by natural woods.

A Valencian menu

The varied menu showcases the very best of Valencia’s seafood and huerta farmland. Expect to see ingredients such as artichokes and asparagus when they’re in season, along with traditional cocas – a flatbread topped with peppers and aubergine or even oxtail and mustard.

Share a selection of cold and hot tapas, from anchovies with tomato and smoked sardines to grilled calamari, homemade croquetas and a truly authentic titaina – a traditional speciality from the old fishermen’s district of Cabanyal featuring red peppers, garlic, tomato, pine nuts, olive oil and fresh tuna served with bread.

If you’ve been looking for the best paella in Valencia, consider an alternative twist on the dish with this mouthwatering selection of meloso rice dishes – more of a stew than a ‘dry’ paella, not unlike a risotto. Choose from versions such as the shellfish meloso, rich acorn-fed pork and mushrooms, duck and vegetable or lobster – each has been carefully crafted to showcase the rich flavours.

There is also a smattering of meat dishes (think 45-day dry-aged steak and suckling pig with apple), market-fresh fish such as sea bass, cod and calamari noodles, teriyaki salmon and swordfish with a garlic and parsley sauce.

Impeccable service

The highly trained staff of this family business don’t miss a beat. You’ll be whisked to your table in record time, service is formal and attentive, and the whole feel throughout your meal is one of quiet order. Keep in mind that if you are the first sitting for lunch, you’ll need to order your rice dish quickly as they'll be keen to turn the table, but if you’re the later sitting for lunch or dinner, you’ll be able to enjoy your meal at a leisurely pace.

Our recommendations

The meloso rice dishes are the real start of the show here. Remember that in Valencia, rice dishes are only served at lunch and for a minimum of two people. And the price shown is the price per person.

The tapas selection makes for a great way to share starters and enjoy a mix of Valencian flavours, while the sea bass is as fresh as they come, picked up from the fish market just along the marina.

As with many popular restaurants in Valencia, remember to call and book in advance, request a window table for a great sea view; and in the summer months, there are some tables outside on a small wooden terrace if you want al fresco dining.

A secret marina delight

When it comes to restaurants in Valencia, this spot may have only opened at this spot in 2021, but it is already beloved by Valencianos. If you’ve been on the hunt for the best paella restaurant in Valencia, don’t miss these meloso rices. Join the locals making the most of some of the best views on the coast and enjoy traditional service and delicious fresh cuisine in a magnificent setting.

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